Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and Cyprus Role as the Stepping Stone into the Region

Your Excelency  Huang Xingyuan,  Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Cyprus


Thank you for inviting me to make a speech at this Seminar titled “Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and Cyprus Role as the Stepping Stone into the Region”.

I am honoured to be here, discussing with you this very interesting initiative. I think that the key words are Connectivity and Cooperation in a globalized world.

Globalization is not an option, it is just a one way fight to tackle the nowadays global challenges.

The equilibrium between the markets’ power and the political institutions’ power is imbalanced. The current global system needs appropriate mechanisms able to monitor the international markets, so that people’s interests are protected.

China´ s initiative is very important towards this direction. It is promoting global and peripheral synergy, helping nations to search for new partnerships. The five major goals, as set by China are coordination facilities, connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bonds. I support these goals,  they are matching with global needs.
Let be very clear. The decision taken by President Trump´ s administration of pulling out his country from the Paris Accord on Climate Change is an irresponsible act, putting aside the well-being of the new generations.
Dear friends,
Cyprus should be a protagonist, a factor of open synergies with China in a more active way. We must be bold, we must use our geographical position in a smart way, we need ambitious and realistic plans, we need determination.
Let me say a couple of words on the CNA s activities in relation with the topic discussed.

CNA and XINHUA are cooperating in a very friendly and professional frame, the correspondent of XINHUA in Cyprus understands that well. There is a window of opportunity to expand our cooperation and the seminar is very helpful towards this direction.

CNA disseminates news in three different languages: Greek, Turkish and English. Very soon, CNA will start an Arabic edition, thus enabling the agency to activate more than 10 cooperation agreements with Arabic-language news agencies in the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2015 CNA started producing video service materials. In the same year we updated the social media department, thus,   modernizing of our technological platform.
Furthermore, CNA has signed agreements with 40 international and national news agencies, (including XINHUA)   exchanging news, photos and other news material.

CNA actively participates in various international and regional news agency alliances, such as the World Congress of News Agencies, the European Alliance of News Agencies, the Mediterranean Alliance of News Agencies, the Union of Balkan and Southeast Europe News Agencies and the Black See Association of News Agencies.

This richness helps the Agency to facilitate connections between Cyprus and China. No doubt that we can do more. CNA is to take the conclusion of this seminar into account so as to form a new, very specific initiative in collaboration with XINHUA, so as to    enhance the people-to-people bonds.
Dear   Colleaques,
Cyprus is a member of the EU, this is Cyprus real Added Value, giving us the material, needed, to overcome the nowadays challenges. Current status quo in Cyprus is not sustainable.
The EU can be the catalyst for creating a new vision for all Cypriots.
Cyprus being a free, united country can enhance its strategy,   becoming a true factor of stability, cooperation and friendship.

Larkos Larkou, Cyprus News Agency Chairman

Speech on a seminar on Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and Cyprus Role as the Stepping Stone into the Region,

Nicosia, Chinese Embassy, 6, June, 2017